Wednesday, June 28, 2006

My Big Boy Bike

Check out this fun toy I found on the porch.

I know what you are thinking: this looks like it could be dangerous. Well, it was only a few moments later that the bike toppled and scared me pretty good. I guess I better start with training wheels.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Sidewalk Chalk

Here I am drawing a picture with my new sidewalk chalk. The whole time I kept singing a little tune:

"Well, you know my name is Simon
and I like to do drawerings.
I like to draw all day long
so come and do drawerings with me.
Come and do drawerings with me!"

(this will help you with the tune)

I really like drawing on the sidewalks. Here are a couple of chalk drawings I made this afternoon.

So come and do drawerings with me!

Raindrops on Roses

I have only lived in Lincoln for a short while, but let me tell you some of my favorite things --

1. There is a playground at the Saltdogs baseball stadium. Sure mom and dad missed the whole game we went to, but I got to SLIDE!!!

2. Latin Mass.

3. We can walk by the zoo any time we want and I can see the camels from the sidewalk.

4. I am finally close enough that my family can come and visit, like they did yesterday --

This is my cousin Drew. He is pretty fun to play with.

(Sorry uncle Matt, we didn't get the camera out until after you left. You are going to have to come back again to get on the blog.)

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Bend it like Simon

I know you are probably all worried about me, but fear not--I am back to being normal, happy, and healthy again.

Since I was full of energy, I wanted to find a new game to play. I like sport, but I usually play football, not futball. Some of you may know that my lifelong dream is to be a punter for the Cornhuskers, but it is World Cup season (and I consider myself somewhat of a young international gentleman), so I thought I would give this game a try.

So I just kick it into the goal, or should I say "GOAAAALLL!"

I got the header part down. After all the wipeouts and times I've hit my head, this is nothing.

What? I can't use my hands! This game is stupid.

Maybe it is just the World Cup that is boring. I've watched my cousins Emily and Claire play soccer games before, and there was never any 0-0 ties in their leagues. Now where is my juice box and post-game snack?

Friday, June 16, 2006

Major Baby Milestone

That is right ladies and gentleman, today was my first trip to the Emergency Room!

Nothing too exciting (no broken bones or blood or anything), just a little problem with the breathing.

Anyway, I'm home recovering and there is no need for alarm. I should be back to normal in a few days, but I'd appreciate any extra prayers to get me healthy as fast as possible. There are a lot of squirrels and bunnies in my back yard that are not getting chased while I am stuck in bed.

P.S. -- JPII, in case you have never seen these creatures I speak of,

This is a squirrel

This is a rabbit

This is a hobbit

(The hobbit is just for comparison. I have never seen one in my back yard. YET.)

Chateau d'If

Here I am playing on the porch. As you can see, I really love it out here. Everything is so great and I don't have a care in the world.

It's a beautiful day out.
I have my favorite orange jumpsuit on.
I'm playing behind these bars on the porch.

Hey, wait a minute. . . Orange jumpsuit? Behind bars? Not cool, dad, not cool!

That's fine. If it is a game of cops and robbers you want, you will not be disappointed.
There's no cage that can hold me. I'll find a way a way out of this cell--

even if it means eating my way out!

I can almost taste that sweet, sweet freedom. It tastes rusty.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

recruiting day for my crew

Dad: What's this you got on, man?

Simon: It's a jumpsuit. You like it? Ordered a dozen of them. Dad, I'd like to introduce you to Applejack.

. . .

Dad: I'm in.

Simon: I knew you'd be back

Dad: Three conditions: 1. You mastermind the plan. 2. Mom's on the team.

Simon: disgusted. Let's here the third one.

Dad: You gotta get me one of these jumpsuits!

Simon: You like these?

Dad: Yeah

Simon: Done. Deal. All right. You're doing the right thing, Dad.

Dad: Yeah, I know I am.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Sorry it has been so long without a post. My parents have been keeping me pretty busy with chores -- I have hardly had any time for blogging.

First, I have to water the lawn.

Then I have to pull weeds in the flower bed.

At least then I get to take a little break before my inside chores.